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Sabtu, 19 Maret 2011

FormC-3a IT Ess:PC Version4.1 Final 1-10

Which two general precautions should be taken before replacing any non-hot-swappable laptop component? (Choose two.)
*Disconnect the power cord.
Keep any component in a plastic bag until installation.
*Remove any batteries.
Use carpets in cool areas.
Wear rubber-soled shoes to work with the computer.

What is a benefit of using the USB or FireWire ports to connect peripherals to a laptop?
*The peripherals can be plugged in and out without turning the laptop off.
Data transfer is more controlled than using the parallel or serial ports.
The peripherals do not need drivers to communicate with the OS.
Connections are much more reliable.

A user is reporting that a new external hard drive is defective. The laptop will allow access to the drive at times, and then will report that the drive cannot be found. Upon an initial examination of the laptop, it is discovered that the user has ten USB devices connected to the laptop.
What is the best quick solution to this problem?
*Remove all the peripherals except the hard drive and observe the results.
Move the laptop to another location and observe the results.
Replace the power adapter and observe the results.
Replace the USB hub and observe the results.
Flash the BIOS on the laptop and observe the results.

What characterizes spoofing?
*Making data appear to come from a source other than the actual source.
Sending abnormally large amounts of data to a remote server to prevent user access to the server services.
Intercepting or inserting false information in traffic between two hosts.
Sending bulk e-mail to individuals, lists, or domains intending to prevent users from accessing e-mail.

A technician wants to create a new partition on a new additional hard drive. Which tool should be used?
*Disk Management
Device Manager

Which two items are considered proper cleaning tools? (Choose two.)
*compressed air
antistatic mat
*soft cloth
antistatic wrist strap
flat-head screwdriver

Which Windows tool should be run before upgrading the operating system?

When installing the Windows XP operating system, a technician is given a choice of file systems to use. If security is a requirement, which file system should be chosen?

Which type of scanner generally has high costs but produces top-quality images?

Which two quick solutions are commonly recommended when a technician is troubleshooting a laptop? (Choose two.)
*Reboot the laptop.
Reinstall the operating system.
*Disconnect the peripherals.
Have the customer verify the problem.
Call a level-2 technician.

Which protocol dynamically assigns IP addresses to network devices?

Which type of cable standard uses a 9-pin connector and supports data rates in excess of 800 Mbps?
IEEE 1284
IEEE 1394a
*IEEE 1394b

A network administrator is troubleshooting a server that keeps crashing. While monitoring traffic to the server, the administrator notices repeated, larger than normal pings to the server. What is the name of this type of attack?
multi-ping attack
ping bomb
*ping of death
zombie attack

When calculating the total cost of ownership of a printer it is necessary to consider the cost of the consumables. Which two consumables are associated with an inkjet printer? (Choose two.)
*ink cartridge
ink ribbon

Which two memory types are installed using Dual Inline Memory Module (DIMM) slots? (Choose two.)
cache memory

What approach should a technician take when receiving a call from a stressed customer?
Ask the customer to telephone back when the customer is feeling less stressed.
Ask the customer to hold, and then wait five minutes for the customer to calm down.
*Try to establish a rapport with the customer.
Transfer the customer to a level-two technician who will ask the customer to explain the problem again.

A customer needs to purchase a new power supply for a computer. What must be considered when selecting an appropriate power supply?
The power supply converts DC to AC.
*The power supply has sufficient wattage to support all components inside the computer.
The power supply provides at least 800 V.
The power supply must have both a P-8 and P-9 connector.

A technician needs to purchase a new video adapter for a computer. Which factors should be considered when selecting the adapter?
type of hard drive installed
amount of memory installed
*expansion slot type
case form factor

A computer technician needs to test the COM ports on some new computers. Which diagnostic tool can help achieve this task properly?
digital port reader
*loopback adapter
port scanner
network analyzer

The company ABC reports that unauthorized communication from outside the network has caused serious problems in the finance department. Which software tool will help prevent this situation from occurring again in the future?
antivirus program
network analyzer
spyware program

After Windows XP has been installed, which program would a technician use to select the programs that will run at startup?
Task Manager

Which environmental factor helps ensure optimal performance for laptops?
The humidity level should always be below 20 percent.
*Temperature should be preferentially between 45 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit (7 to 32 degrees Celsius) to avoid overheating.
In dusty conditions, laptop vents should be partially covered to prevent the internal components from getting dirty.
Laptops should be cleaned every month or the internal components will be damaged.

A printer has a paper jam. An impatient user has sent multiple print jobs of the same document to this printer. What can be done to remove these print jobs?
*Cancel the jobs in the printer queue.
Select landscape or portrait image layout.
Set the printed image to colors or to grayscale.
Adjust the settings to match the colors on the screen to the colors on the printed sheet.

Which are three steps in the laser printing process? (Choose three.)

A technician has installed and configured an external projector on a laptop. What is the final task the technician must perform for the image to be displayed through the projector?
*Press the function key sequence to activate the image on the projector.
Disconnect the laptop from AC power.
Reboot the laptop into dual monitor mode.
Turn audio and video off on the laptop and on for the projector.

Which port is used only for input?

An employee is receiving e-mail from unknown banks asking for username and password information. Which type of security attack is the employee experiencing?
Trojan horse

A newly purchased scanner is not functioning as efficiently as expected. Which step should a technician take to improve performance?
Download drivers and utilities from a user forum on the Internet.
*Download drivers and utilities from the manufacturer web site.
Reinstall the software that came with the scanner.
Buy a different scanner.

A customer who owns a business that creates high-quality color graphic images wants a new printer. The customer already has an ink-jet printer. Which type of printer would be a good recommendation?

A network administrator has finished migrating from a peer-to-peer network to a new client-server network configuration. What are two advantages of the new configuration? (Choose two.)
The total cost of the new solution is considerably lower.
*Data is more secure in the event of hardware failures.
Individual users are in control of their own computers and network resources.
*Data resources and access are centrally controlled.
Personnel costs are lower because a dedicated network administrator is no longer necessary.

What must be done before a technician cleans a very dirty LCD screen on a laptop?
Place the laptop in standby mode.
Remove the screen from the laptop.
*Remove the battery.
Enable the autoclean setting in the BIOS.

A technician notices that a data floppy disk is in the floppy disk drive of a computer when it is powered on. Which error message could this potentially cause?
device / service failed to start
floppy disk corrupted
*invalid system disk
corrupted driver

The driver for a network interface card has been updated on a Windows XP computer. All network access has been lost. Which steps in the Windows XP Classic View should be followed to roll back the network interface card driver?
*Choose Start > Settings > Control Panel. Double-click System. Click the Hardware tab. Choose Device Manager. Double-click the NIC adapter. Click the Driver tab. Click the Roll Back Driver button.
Choose Start > Settings > Control Panel. Double-click Network Connections. Right-click the NIC. Choose Properties > Uninstall.
Choose Start > Settings > Control Panel. Double-click System. Click the Hardware tab. Choose Device Manager. Choose Action > Uninstall.
Choose Start > Settings > Control Panel. Double-click Add or Remove Programs. Click Change.

A technician is asked to wire a network that supports CSMA/CD. Which architecture and physical topology should the technician use for supporting this access control method?
*Ethernet and Star
FDDI and Ring
Token Ring and Double Ring
Wireless and Ring

A network technician receives an error that there is insufficient physical disk space on an external drive to hold a file from a Windows XP computer. What is a possible cause for the problem?
The technician lacks the file attribute rights to the file to copy it to the external drive.
*The external drive is formatted with a FAT 32 file system and the file is too large for that file system.
The file is a system file and will cause the operating system to fail if it is moved.
The technician needs to add the file to the Master File System before trying to move the file.

All default Windows XP tools and utilities are installed on a computer. The technician discovered that a few other Windows components are still needed. Which procedure can accomplish this task?
Press Ctrl-Alt-Del. Choose Task Manager > Performance > Add/Remove Windows Components
Open the Windows XP CD. Locate the Windows Components folder. Right click on Component. Choose Install.
Right click on the Desk Top. Choose Properties > Settings > Add/Remove Windows Components
*Choose Start > Control Panel > Add Remove Programs > Add/Remove Windows Components

Why does the cable from the power supply to the motherboard have different colored wires?
A single wire could not carry enough current.
There is one wire for each motherboard component.
*Each wire carries a different voltage.
The motherboard slot requires the number of wires that are represented by the different colors.

A home computer user is trying to customize the power management on a computer using Windows XP. However, the custom configuration is unsuccessful. What task must be completed to enable power management to be configured?
ACPI power management must be enabled in the BIOS using Administrative Tools in the Windows Control Panel.
APM power management mode must be configured in the BIOS before ACPI can be used to enable power management.
APM power management mode must be configured in the BIOS so that Windows XP can be used to enable power management.
*ACPI power management mode must be enabled in the BIOS before Windows XP can be used to configure power management.

A home computer owner has a PC system that runs Windows XP. For security reasons the owner has been using a limited local user account for a number of years. The owner wishes to install a new piece of software, but the user account does not have the necessary permissions. Which type of account does the owner need to use to install the new software?

A technician installed a network adapter in a computer and wants to test network connectivity. The ping command can only receive a response from local workstations. What could be causing the problem?
The NIC driver is out of date.
The operating system is not compatible with the remote sites.
The TCP/IP protocol stack is not loaded.
*The default gateway is not set.

What are the four layers in the TCP/IP reference model?
HTTP, TCP, IP, Ethernet
TCP, IP, Ethernet, IEEE
*application, transport, internet, network access
application, presentation, session, transport
physical, data link, network, transport

What deficiency is associated with RAID 0 compared with RAID 1?
RAID 0 is more expensive to implement.
RAID 0 requires at least one additional hard drive.
*RAID 0 does not provide any protection for the data that is located on a hard drive.
RAID 0 requires a minimum of two hard drives and two controllers.

Refer to the exhibit. A Cisco Networking Academy instructor is trying to print a flash graphic from the curriculum. The print job has gone into the print queue as shown. Based on the output, what should be the next step in solving this problem?
Check the printer for status messages.
Restart the computer.
Upgrade the printer driver.
Reinstall the printer driver.
*Check the printer cabling and power.

A directly-attached printer has always failed to work. Print jobs and the printer test page fail to print, but the printer self-test page prints OK. If the cabling is installed correctly, what is most likely the problem?
a dry print cartridge
*an incorrect printer driver
an outdated system BIOS
a missing Windows service pack

Which measures can help control RFI effects?
Ensure the humidity and temperature levels are set as low as possible.
Ensure the number of wireless NICs exceeds the number of wireless phones.
*Ensure the wireless network is on a different frequency than the offending source.
Ensure each wireless NIC is configured to operate at different frequencies from all other wireless NICs.

Which firewall port number or number combination must be open in order to remotely access a network device using SSH?

Which feature allows a technician to manage power settings through a Microsoft Windows control panel?
setting two motherboard pins using a jumper
*enabling ACPI through system BIOS settings
using a combination of the Fn key and another keystroke
sliding the selective power switch to the on position on the power supply

Refer to the exhibit. A technician is troubleshooting a problem where a teacher is unable to connect a laptop to a wireless network. The wireless NIC is enabled and the wireless network configuration settings are correct. Which key would be used in conjunction with the Fn key to enable the wireless connection?

What is the purpose of Windows Vista 64-bit Kernel Patch Protection?
*It prevents third party drivers from modifying the operating system kernel.
It permits the 64-bit operating system to patch the operating system at a much higher rate.
It prevents the use of additional operating system kernels from being added to Vista.
It allows the use of unsigned drivers to be used within the 64-bit Vista operating system.
It prevents the use of 32-bit drivers with the 64-bit Visa operating system.

Which two file systems are available for selection during installation of Windows XP? (Choose two.)

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    A school is adding 10 computers to a classroom. What is the most common physical network topology that is used in a classroom?
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